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Whiskey Cooling Stones

Whiskey Cooling Stones

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For seasoned whiskey drinkers, you may enjoy your favourite whiskey just as is, but for those who like it a little chilled, these whiskey stones are a great solution. Leaving the rich, complex flavours completely unaltered.

Simply place your whiskey stones in the velvet storage pouch provided and put them in your freezer for 4 hours, perfectly chilled and ready to slip into your whiskey glass.
A sophisticated and stylish replacement to the regular ice cubes, pour over your favourite whiskey and leisurely sip and savour without the fear of dilution.
You can also use these frosty rocks to cool soft drinks, chill your favourite spirits or create ice-cold cocktails.

Specifications & Features:

  • The reusable cooling stones make it super easy to keep drinks cool without watering them down.
  • The material is tasteless and odourless.
  • The cubes are ideal for whiskey, wines and more.
  • Set of 6 stones
  • Including bag for storage.
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