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I-Total and Total-Gift Brands come from our experience in the gift market. The intention, with these brands, is to convey to users a fun and modern experience, through products that are always new, fresh, lively and innovative, with which users can express themselves in an original way! This brand embodies our commitment to developing easy-to-use gifts and gadgets, accessible to all and designed to meet the needs of a young dynamic and creative clientele.
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Donkey Products is an international Design Label based in Hamburg. They develop and design 100% German, beautiful, humorous products.

La Chaise Longue, better than a style, a spirit!

La Chaise Longue cultivates its collection through an art of living under the sign of good humor. Collections of objects and gifts rely on product quality, originality of forms, the flamboyance of color and joy of living. Offering a range of accessories for the person at the home.

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Drink is born from the will to create useful and functional products that produce a lower environmental impact and help people to pollute less, through available, desirable and long-lasting products.
IDrink’s goal is to accustom people to use reusable products instead of single-use items, because they are more convenient and more satisfying to use.
The iDrink brand was created by Total Juggling Srl, a Venetian company that looking towards the future, understood the need to produce articles to help to improve the quality of life of individuals in the most environmentally friendly way possible.
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XD Design is a proud Dutch brand present in over 50 countries and more than 3.000 retailers worldwide. Our brand, like many other success stories, started on a crowdfunding site called Kickstarter. In 2016 we launched our Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack that kicked off on a high note. Since then, we had over 50.000 backers on crowdfunding platforms, more than 3.000 customer interactions and thousands of followers on social media. 

Our products are designed to help the Modern Nomads to go about their day in a safe and functional way – enable them to move more connected and organized, regardless of distance, place or matter. 

Sustainability is also engraved in our DNA: with the utmost responsibility to our planet we use the best materials and packaging available in the market. 

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FISURA is a dynamic brand, focused on looking for trends in the world of fashion and transferring them to decoration, home and gift.

Our collections are created, designed and directed by ourselves with special care for you.

Our collection is inspired by products that we discover during our travels. Our products are the result of the work and collaborations with both national and international designers.

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Since 1963

Balvi's mission has been to supply customers with unique and original products. Making a gift is a magical act that makes us feel good, whether we are the ones giving or the ones receiving it. If we get a smile, it's even better. Share the love.


http://www.balvi. com

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Since 1991, Lexon has established a granted relationship with Creativity. In nineteen years of development and with no compromises, Lexon has remained faithful to its design commitments. Electronics, luggage, travel, office and leisure accessories: this direction is not measured in figures. Sensitivity is its dimension.

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DOIY is creativity, surprise, passion and excitement, a lot of excitement. DOIY is design. Design to share, to smile, to surprise and, above all, design for all. DOIY is a young brand which creates quality products, at very affordable prices. Today DOIY products can be found in over thirty countries worldwide in cities such as New York, Tokyo or  Paris.

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DOIY Design

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​​MikaMax is an international company specialized in the distribution of innovative products in Europe and the rest of the world. We offer a wide range of items, such as gifts, toys, electronics, outdoor and lifestyle items, and much more besides. MikaMax stocks major brands as well as our own imported brands. All products are fully approved for the European market.

Xoopar is a cosmopolitan team that is always thriving towards

innovation with the will to develop internationally.

Xoopar teams are made of individuals from all over the world.

This makes the Xoopar way of thinking different than other brands.

Changing the perception that people have of high tech accessories is at the heart of all Xoopar projects.


At the cross road between fashion and high tech, Xoopar focused on bringing joy through technology with a purpose.Xoopar develops accessories to enhance your mobile lifestyle experience with a design touch and the best technology has to offer.